Things I Would Like To Do Before Being Buried 6-foot Underground

Have you ever thought of dying? Have you imagined seeing yourself, inside a coffin then you would be hysterical because that would be the time that you've realized that you're already dead and you haven't even enjoy all the sh*tness of life?

Well, I have so I came up of this idea, the idea of making a bucket list  This list would be updated every now and then, a never-ending one, maybe. I'll be randomly listing the things that I want to do and learn, places to visit, emotions that I want to experience, people I want to be with or meet and so on and so forth before that inevitable day comes.

Hope you'll be with me until I accomplish everything that is on this list. So let's get it on!

1. Visit every region of our country, the Philippines.

  • Ilocos Region (I)
  • Cagayan Valley (II)
  • Central Luzon (III)
  • Southern Luzon (IVA & IVB)
  • Bicol Region (V)
  • Western Visayas (VI)
  • Central Visayas (VII)
  • Eastern Visayas (VIII)
  • Zamboanga Peninsula (IX)
  • Northern Mindanao (X)
  • Davao Region (XI)
  • Socsargen (XII)
  • Caraga (XIII)
  • National Capital Region (NCR)
  • Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
  • Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)

2. Take up a second course and finish it.
3. Find a stable job.
4. Find a lifetime part-time job.
5. Have a franchise of one establishment that you love or like e.g. McDnalds
6. Find the right man and get married and eventually be a wife.
7. Have my dream car.
8. Have my own house. Plan for the rooms and designs and everything; calling it my home.
9. Own a vacation house in Baguio or Tagaytay.
10. Gave birth and be a mother.
11. Win the Lotto game. $_$
12. Travel the world:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Antarctica
  • Australia
  • Africa

13. Learn the dialect and be proficient in:

  • Korean Language
  • English Language
  • Italian Language

14. Write a memoir. (as if somebody would be interested to read it)
15. Learn how to drive.
16. Fly a home-made kite.
17. Make a letter with your innermost secret and send it through a bottle in the ocean.
18. Stand next to someone and say "Don't mind me, I'm invincible."
19. Join a marathon.
20. Have a 24-26 inches of waistline. (DIET + EXERCISE)
21. Write a letter to your favorite author, snail mail, and meet up with them afterwards.
22. Donate blood.
23. Outwit yourself by finishing a book of Sudoku or Crossword puzzle.
24. Experience to be a scavenger in a dump site.
25. Appear on a television show. (Extra! Extra!)
26. Google myself.
27. Keep a diary.
28. Learn to be a professional swimmer.
29. Smile 100x to strangers.
30. Write a letter to my grandchild. (Perhaps I'll do it through video recording)
31. Take poll dancing lessons.
32. Watch a ballet.
33. Be amaze with the circus talents.
34. Experience a mud bath.
35. Watch the sunset.
36. Watch the sunrise.
37. Start or join a charity.
38. Send flowers to someone with no reasons at all.
39. Make a snowman and play in the snow.
40. Make a baby burst to laughter.
41. Get my fortune told.
42. Stay inside an elevator for an hour and say hello to everyone.
43. Build a giant sand castle.
44. Leave a love note on a windscreen.
45. Attend a protest rally.
46. Cut my hair!!!
47. Watch Team Ginebra LIVE in PBA!
48. Research our family tree.
49. Climb a mountain and reach the top. (Try climbing one of the seven summit)
50. Build something that would outlast me (e.g. chair, shed or cabinet.
51. Go trekking!
52. Experience swimming with fishes.
53. View a house that I can't afford.
54. Test drive a car that I can't afford.
55. Give a homeless person my lunch.
56. Learn to surf!
57. Snowboarding, anyone?
58. Ride a GIGANTIC roller coaster!
59. Learn to throw a boomerang.
60. Experience to be a bar tender.
61. Have a part-time job at McDonald.
62. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it!
63. Spend a fortune in shopping.
64. Spend a one month pay on a pair of expensive shoes.
65. Room make-over.
66. Learn how to bake.
67. Sleep outdoors watching the stars.
68. Read and finish a book.
69. Horse ride!
70. Spend a night in a haunted house.
71. Skinny dipping (haha!).
72. Spend a week in sea.
73. Play a practical joke to someone.
74. Experience watching the opera.
75. On a holiday with no luggage!
76. Plant a tree and carve my name on it.
77. Learn how to play the piano.
78. Learn how to play the ukulele.
79. Piano + Canon of Pachelbel = <3
80. Bury a time capsule and make a map of it.
81. Run in a mascot for charity. :P
82. Be on the Guinness World Book of Records.
83. Sing a song in a music store.
84. Braces on my teeth (betty-la-fea much?)
88. Play and dance under the rain.
89. Make a video that would get 2000000 views in Youtube.
90. Have a pet snake.
91. Meet Ryan Reynolds.
92. Be star struck to Kris Aquino.
93. Meet Enrique Iglesias.
94. Get drunk!
95. Get inked.
96. Scuba diving.
97. Swim with the dolphins.
98. Feed a lion or tiger.
99. Put 20php away every single day then invest the money in the Stock Market.
100. Be involved in gay parade! (wuhoo!)
101. Take my mom and brother in a nice dinner.
102. Eat an exotic food in an exotic restaurant.
103. Start a new collection (Matchbox or shot glass).
104. A road-trip with friends.
105. Have or bond with my guy best bud.
106. Found out what my fear is and confront it.
107. Live in another country.
108. Watch a fire works.
109. Shake hands with someone from different nationality.
110. Martial arts sounds good. Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Judo or Aikido?
111. Start an online selling store? (FB, Craiglist, Ayosdito.com.ph or Sulit.com.ph)
112. Experience a water fight during a festivity or celebration.
113. Mountain Biking sounds fun.
114. Fall out of the sky and SKYDIVE.
115. Experience to be in a flying hot air balloon.
116. Experience smoking a stick of tobacco.
117. Own a SLR and learn photography.
118. Make a wish on a wishing well.
119. Attend Oktoberfest!
120. Attend and watch the Olympics. 
121. Spend the night in a very expensive hotel. 
122. Cross a country using a public transportation. 
123. Teach English in a foreign country. 
124. Volunteer in for a month. 
125. Elephant back riding.
126. Watch a bull fight.
127. Attend a cock-fight and bet on the red side.
128. Hear a mass by the Pope in Rome.
129. Learn to ice skate.
130 .Watch an NBA game LIVE!
131. Watch WWE LIVE!
132. Work out in a gym for 6 months.
133. Jogging everyday.
134. Ride a Ferris-wheel with my special someone.
135. Try bungee jumping.
136. Create my own mind-blowing liquior.
137. Join a flash mob!
138. Go to a film premiere whether it is local or international.
139. Vandalism! haha. A simple graffiti would do.
140. Fly a plane.
141. Control a train.
142. Drive a tricycle.
143. Drive a bus.
144. Drive a Jeep.
145. Hang my art in a gallery.(start being creative, AGAIN!) or start my own gallery.
146. Participate in a police line up.
147. Watch Parokya ni Edgar LIVE!
148. Sing in front of a huge crowd.
149. Go camping.
150. Witness an eclipse.
151. Witness a meteor shower.
152. Try triathlon.
153. Learn how to skateboard.
154. Learn how to roller-blade.
155. Go sailing.
156. Go wind-surfing.
157. Visit a museum.
158. Visit a historic place.
159. Ride a jet ski.
160. Go water skiing.
161. Learn to play golf.
162. Play tennis, learn it.
163. Learn to play basketball.
164. Have a gun and learn how to use it.
165. Learn how to bowl.
166. Yoga! Stretch my body.
167. Be a life guard for a day.
168. Try fencing.
169. Learn archery.
170. Air-soft anyone?
171. Learn boxing.
172. Learn to play drums.
173. Take singing lessons.
174. Compose a song.
175. Sing in Karaoke.
176. Join church choir.
177. Sing a duet with favorite singer.
178. Break dance.
179. Belly dance.
180. Hula dance.
181. See a Tarsier.
182. Snorkel.
183. Jump from a cliff into deep water.
184. Swim in a aquarium.
185. Swim with the sharks or sharks diving.
186. Go white water rafting.
187. Go on a cruise.
188. Ride in a submarine.
189. Ride in a helicopter.
190. Go paragliding.
191. Zip line! Canopy tour.
192. Go fire walking barefoot!
193. Ride a mechanical bull.
194. Rock climbing.
195. Sleep in an overnight train.
196. Roll in a grassy park.
197. Go kart racing.
198. Travel to the moon.
199. Experience Weightlessness. Defy gravity.
200. Go whale watching or dive with whale sharks.
201. See a platypus.
202. See a Koala bear.
203. Adopt an animal.
204. Milk a cow.
205. Join PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)!
206. Collect eggs from a nest.
207. Write a story at wattpad.com
208. Try planting rice.
209. Swim with Manatees.
210. Must see The Mona Lisa and The Scream painting.
211. Visit a cave.
212. Meet the Disney People in Disneyland (duh!).
213. Ride a cable car.
214. Learn billiards.
215. Learn to sculpt.
216. Learn how to perform magic tricks.
217. Shirt silk-screening.
218. Crash a party.
219. Join a masquerade.
220. Throw someone a surprise party.
221. Get backstage in a concert or event.
222. Create my own fragrance.
223. Travel solo.
224. Get a full body massage.
225. Be on a reality show.
226. Make a signature dish.
227. Eat something that I've planted and grown (tomato or the likes).
228. Pillow fight.
229. Food fight!
230. Ride a segway.
231. Sit on a jury.
232. Be a member in an audience TV show.
233. Have a portrait painting of myself.
234. Jump in a pool fully clothed.
235. Give 1000php to a total stranger.
236. Win any raffle.
237. Have a specialist read my aura.
238. Have my own star.
239. Get my palm read.
240. Celebrate all the famous festivals and holidays.

  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Thanksgiving

241. Cocktails to try:

  •  Manhattan
  •  Cosmopolitan
  •  Mai Tai
  •  Gin & Tonic
  •  Mojito
  •  Margarita
  •  Martini
  •  Cuba Libre

242. Start my own blog.
243. Watch A Cirque du Soleil show.
244. See a fashion show 
245. Build a doll house
246. Learn to make candles.
247. Learn glassblowing.
248. Have a small garden/ greenhouse.
249. Learn to juggle
250. Grow bonsai tree.
251. Take up a craft of any of the following and sell crafts to etsy, zazzle or cafepress: 

  • Calligraphy
  • Embroidery
  • Jewelry making
  • Knitting
  • Needlepoint
  • Quilting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sewing
  • Crochet
  • Origami

252. Have a big masterpiece of cross-stitch.
253. Have a wine taste.
254. Try food tasting in the market.
255. Watch Schindler's list.
256. Discover something that makes me happy inside and out.
257. Get Master degree after my second course in college.
258. Turn off cellphone for a day (12am to 11:59pm).
259. Give a commencement Speech.
260. Be a politician.
261. Meet the President of the Philippines.
262. Try a new hairdo.
264. Have a trust fund for my future child.
265. Have a land in the cemetery.
266. Have an insurance for everything.
267. Own a beach house
268. Own a private jet.
269. Own an island.
270. Sleep in a castle.
271. Have a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.
272. Have a pet.
273. Have a family heirloom that I would pass to generation to generation.
274. Renew Wedding vows after 10 years.
275. Witness the wedding of your best-friends.

  • Mary Margaret Arista
  • Kenneth Grace Nepomuceo
  • Arriane Joy Ilot
  • April Mayka San Andres
  • Jhennylyn Segundo
  • Jhackhieleen Slebodnik
  • Jeronina Aguasin
  • PhilipJustin Ancheta
  • Christian Carlo Comelon
  • Vanesa Urane Tolentino
  • Pamela Lou Narboneta

276. Make up a bed time story and make it as a pop-up book.
277. Write a cookbook.
278. Be in FHM.
279. Visit native people.
280. Do a happy dance when no one is watching.
281. Have a picnic with my family.
282. Eat dinner by candle light.
283. Put inspiring wallpaper on my desktop.
284. Write a thank-you note. 
285. Find motivational video on YouTube.com.
286. Bring home a bouquet of fresh flowers to Nanay.
287. Take a long stroll.
288. Savor a slice of your favorite chocolate bar.
289. Watch an old movie that I liked when I was a child.
290. Share a joke.
291. Send cheerful messages to 5 different people
292. Wear your favorite colors
293. Prepare myself a delicious breakfast
294. Design matching t-shirts with and for you and your family.
295. Create a family reunion
296. Send holiday cards for a certain year.
297. Go on a pilgrimage.
298. Take a date or a friend somewhere and people watch.
299. Visit a nursing home.
300. Hang a bird feeder.
301. Play peek a boo with a baby.
302. Sing in the rain.
303. Skip lunch one day a week and send the money you're saving to your favorite charity.
304. Surprise your partner with a 'treasure hunt' for a gift 'just because...'.
305. Drink your morning coffee sitting outside.
306. Kiss a puppy.
307. Walk barefoot in the grass.
308. Have a pajama party.
309. A night picnic.
310. Leave a note in his motorbike.
311. Place an ad in the paper on a normal day.
312. Go to a playground.
313. Send my honey a drawing through snail mail.
314. Find out and decide what do I want to do for the rest of my life.
315. Make birthday celebration more special 
316. Date with self.
317. 30-day fast on something that I'm addicted to.
318. Overcome stage fright.
319. Find a place where I want to settle down.
320. Become best friend or close friend with Nanay.
321. Be present at a birth.
322. Become a godmother.
323. Start saving for the future.
324. Make a lot of friends. 
325. Win a bet.
326. Do something nice to someone who will never find out.
327. Fall in love with my job
328. Plan a very special date with your honey.
329. Throw away your old love letters.
330. Serenade someone.
331. Introduce two people who will fall in love (matchmaker game on!)
332. Write a poem.
333. Find that one song that always gets you  perfect score in karaoke. 
334. Watch a movie in a foreign language, except English.
335. Never repeat outfits for an entire month.
336. Wear different pair of shoes everyday for a whole week.
337. Invent own cocktail drink.
338. Learn about other religion.
339. Eco-bag collection.
340. Make money from something I'm good at.
341. Allow myself to commit mistakes.
342. Attend a concert.
343. Be a foster parent.
344. Be a model for a day.
345. Be Eco-conscious.
346. Clean playlist.
347. Cook my partner's favorite dish.
349. Complement someone.
350. Breakfast on a mountain.
351. Win a contest.
352. Kiss someone under the rain.
353. Laugh my heart out.
354. Ride a camel in the desert.
355. Ride a jetski and a banana boat.
356. Start a fundraiser.
357. Start your own business.
358. Take a holiday trip with your Best friend.
359. Rearrange the furniture in my room
360. Cross a country on a bicycle. 
361. Live like a local for a month (in another province or country).
362. Travel India by train
363. Participate in a any kind of carnival.
364. Publish an article about anything.
365. See a glacier and cross it on foot.
366. Climb an active volcano.
367. Partake in a Japanese Tea Ceremony. 
368. Travel to Germany to experience Love Parade 
369. Watch an orchestra.
370. Brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee.
371. Spend 10 minutes petting your dog or cat.
372. Donate to a local charity.
373. Baby-sit for a friend.
374. Make the person who's made the biggest difference in your life "King" or "Queen for a Day".
375. Meet with a friend, who always makes you laugh
376. Count your blessings
377. Ride all the transportation in the Philippines and/or Asia.
A lot of more things to be added soon. :)


  1. Nice list Bobs! :) Ang dami ko ding similar na gusto like mag-travel at makahanap ng stable job. Take the risk Bobs na mag 2nd course. Alam kong kayang kaya mo yan! :D

    Hay, kung may pera lang no at magagawa na ang nasa list. Pero in time, maaachieve mo din yan Bobs. One step at a time. :)

    1. My list is too long Karla. Haha. I'm just hoping na magagawa ko talaga itong lahat.:P

      OO nga, if we just have the money siguro ang tagal na nating nagawa lahat ng gusto natin.


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