I just stumbled upon this as I was browsing the page https://www.facebook.com/1000000.Quotes in Facebook.Then I remember my two adorable "bestest" best friend Pamela and Vanesa. We always these dreams way back in college. We thought everything would be easy as ABC or 123 after passing the Nursing Licensure Exam last November 2009. But then we're wrong, very very very wrong. We would still have to face A LOT of stuffs before we can have a grasp of our DREAM JOB, DREAM SALARY, DREAM HOUSE, DREAM CAR and DREAM VACATION (which in Korea). Having a four year degree in college is not enough. We should also have the patience, the guts and confidence to get what we really want.

When I saw this, I just realized... "i'm getting old and I should start prioritizing things in my life. it is not everyday that nanay would be by my side. Walang mangyayari if lagi na lang akong nandito sa bahay."


P.S. to my pumpey and benchey, I know we can do this!!!! AJA!!! FIGHTING!!! gawin nating inspirasyon ang Korea and the ever so jaw dropping Korean boys. haha. Dasal lang tayo palagi. I love you both.


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