I'm a certified WATTPAD.COM addict!!!

December 14, 2011 I was introduced by my friend April San Andres to wattpad.com. It is a site where I can read unlimited stories.Parang pocketbook lang, oo pocketbook kasi tagalog. Ewan ko if you'll find it corny pero kinikilig ako sa mga stories e. I even download the app of this. I thought I have surpassed this stage when I was in college yun pala hindi pa rin. I still do love mushy stuffs like this. :)

I'm a big fun of wattpad.com writers/ author, they have this full blast imagination helping them to create stories that can make me cry, laugh and so much kilig (na para akong maiihi).

I'm a certified addict. why?because I just can't get enough of it. haha. Nagbabasa ako sa wattpad pagkagising ko, habang umiihi ako, while I'm dumping lahat ng sama ng loob ko and napupuyat ako dahil dito pero okay lang kasi I'm happy reading the stories e.

As of now here are my favorites:
-Break The Cassanova's Heart Operation and My Prince by alyloony

-Diary ng Panget - Diary ni Eya by HaveYouSeenThisGirl

-Living Under The Same Roof Book 1 and Living Under The Same Roof Book 2 by i_love_kyle

-Secretly Married by forgottenglimmer

-Talk Back And You're Dead by Alesana_Marie

And my two MOST favorite are:

The Lost Boys by Liliancarmine

She's Dating The Gangster posted by bLueberry18 and written by sgwannabe

Maybe in the near future I'll also write story, my story, haha.



  1. OMG!!!! parang ganyan din ako sa sinusulatan kong website!!!!!!!!! ^^ akala ko ako lang. hahahahhahahahah!!!! ^^

    i really thought, among the 3 of us, ako lang ang hopeless romantic. -__- di pala. :D


    1. Pumpey, your not alone! we're not alone... million million tayong magkakapareho na hopeless romantic nilang natatawag. pero I'm so envious of them na naisususlat nila ung pagiging hopeless romantic and they make them as an art... like what you are doing. :)


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