A Piece of Me Inside Our Home

For almost 25 years of my life, I still don't have my so called "OWN" room. Lame 'di ba? Dapat last year I'll be having my room already but something happened so ang supposed to be na room ko naging bodega. HAHA! 

I'm planning to conquer it again this coming month of June or July. I shall and I will. I'm getting old and I need my privacy. It's not that I don't want to sleep beside my mom but there are things that I can't do if we're on the same room. Like I can't keep the lights on or stay up late because my mom will surely start her ranting anytime o the night. 

A very deep sigh is all I can have now just thinking about my own room. 

I'll turn my pink room to this color... 

Color Ceil Blue 
(Defined by Wikipedia.com as: Ceil is a pale blue color, often associated with surgical scrubs . Ceil is from Latin celtium ilsium)


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