Writer's Block + Captain Sid = 15th Blog Entry

For almost 3 hours of sitting in front of my laptop, I couldn't type anything. My mind is in it's blank stage... everything seems to be in black and no other color.

And at times like this, my best option will be munching on my favorite delight... Captain Sid. 

What is CAPTAIN SID? Well, first of all, it is not a human. It is pack of roasted watermelon seeds. I love its cracking sound, proof of it's crispiness, when I tried to open one. It has been my long time favorite and I don't know if I can live not having this in our kitchen's cabinet. I just consumed 6 packs of it in one sitting.


Have you tried it? If not, then you should 'cause you're missing half of your life. 



  1. i prefer lechon manok (yung tigpi piso hehe)

  2. Masarap din yun. :) Kaso I enjoy the cracking sound of the seed. :)


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