Thank You Nanay: Happy Mother's Day

I have a friend...
Her name is Elma
She's 51 years old
She's a widow
And she's a mom

The woman in the picture above is my mom. We never see eye to eye. We're completely the opposite. She literally talks non-stop, especially when she is pissed. She's conservative and old-fashion. She scolds me a-lot and still treats me like a baby. She never understands my point of view. She love my brother more, and yes, I am jealous of it because I think that i is not that fair. She hates being tickled, but she keeps on poking the side of my torso and it hurts! She made me as her personal sponge (the absorbing characteristic thing). She never listens to my stories. She keeps on controlling my life. And having her as my mom? Exhausting.

But I'm really blessed that she's my mother. She makes it a point that she gave me everything that I need. She taught me how to be a responsible girl. She never spoils me, which I think is a good thing. She keeps the contrast in my life. She spent 25 years of her life just loving me, my dad and my brother. 

She's my idol. She's strong. And I think, when the time comes that I became a mom, I would be completely the replica of her. That's what I believe in. I would be a loving mother just like her. I would make it a point that I can serve my future husband and child with all my heart just like my mom. 

Thank you Nay for taking care of me and  my brother
Thank you for staying strong even-though I know you're in the brink of crying
Thank you for giving me your genes.:)

Thank you for working your butt-off and let us finish our studies

Thank you for keeping us company

Thank you for being a nosy mother

Thank you for sitting with me for a while and laugh with my non-sense

And thank you for choosing tatay as your husband and loving him up until now

To my Nanay Elma,
Thank you sa lahat and I love you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY PO!



  1. Happy Mother's Day to your Nanay Elam Bobs! :) Nakakabilib yung mommy mo kasi ang strong niya. Tsaka nakakatuwa kayo pareho na kayo ng buhok ngayon. Parang sa una minsan di ba di nakakasundo yung mommy pero habang tumatagal at nagmamature naiintidihan natin bakit minsan ganun sila kahigpit.

  2. Aileen Joy B. Bobadilla14/5/12 11:56 AM

    Happy Mother's day also to your mom and ate. :) Ganun siguro talaga, laging magkaawa kapag mother and daughter but they would end up like being best of friends in the end.


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