Farewell To The Philippines' Comedy King, Goodbye Dolphy

It is easier to make someone cry than to make someone laugh. Having a sense of humor is a gift that not everybody has. Rodolfo Vera Quizon a.k.a. Dolphy is one of the person who caught a dam amount of sense of humor when God rained it here on earth.

Dolphy is has been one of my favorite veteran comedy actor of all time. His showbiz career is older than me that's why he has been a part of my Thursday night TV shows (his Home along the Riles show). I adore him for making people laugh without any effort. From what I hear and see in the news and tabloids, he is a kind-hearted person and very humble. He don't let his fame go to his head.

Last Tuesday (July 10, 2012), I was startled when I learned about the Dolphy's death. I don't know him personally but it made my heart sad. I just can't imagine how devastated those people who love him felt. But seeing or knowing Dolphy (through the televisions and all) he wouldn't want to see everyone sad. As what he has said "A DAY WITHOUT LAUGHTER IS A DAY WASTED." He's right about this and who knows by this time he's already having a party up there in heaven.

Let me just share you one of my favorite clip from his movie "Father and Son"

"Banayad Whisky"

He left a sturdy print in our lives and let that print be a reminder that we should enjoy life, stay happy and be humble.

How about you? What's your favorite thing about The Philippines' Comedy King? 

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