My Own Internet Store

Surfing the internet seems to be the only thing that get me by every single second of my bum life. I usually surf the net for different types of shoes, accessories and clothes (what do you expect? I'm a girl). So I thought of putting up my own store online. In this way, I'm enjoying my past-time of searching stuffs and earning money at the same time.

I opened my store just this July 2012 with the name Selling Stuffs Here Shop. I aim to sell cute, cheap and useful things. As of now, I'm still struggling in finding a good product distributor (I'm crossing my fingers to find one soon). Below is the logo for my shop.

Kinda lame... I know!
As of now, I already have sold three items, pre-loved items to be exact. 2 stuff toys and a mini-short. I'm so ecstatic to have my first two customers.:)

First shipping
First customer
Second shipping

Now, I'm praying and hoping that more people will trust me and buy stuffs from me. :) This is one of my steps in facing life and with God's help I know I can pull this up and be successful.

If you want to help me with his journey please visit my store at: http://www.facebook.com/SSHS2012

See you there. :))



  1. good luck on your business! more customers to come! :) 

    1. Thanks Itsberyllicious. :)


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