Google it!

Because I'm bored and practically not doing anything, I decided to Google my name (including middle name, surname, my first name and even my nickname).

First off my whole name (yes, including my middle name , I got 1790 pings in Google  I mean that's a lot already. Most of it are from me passing the Nursing Licensure exam last 2009. I know, I'm smart. haha.

Now moving on, I got 57,000 pings for my name and my surname. Results are from formspring.com, ezinearticles.com, plus.google.com and the likes... more on Social networking sites that I have an account with.

Third search is just my given name. I got 3,940,000 results. That's a lot and I think my parents became to lazy in naming me.Why didn't just named me "Ganda" (pretty in English ? Hehe. Kidding. I love my name and all of those Aileen Joy out there? Well, we all have the same name but I definitely think that we're unique in our own way. (HELLO TO ALL AILEEN JOY IN THE WORLD!!!)

Fourth search is just the name Aileen. The top search for this name is always "Aileen Wuornos". It is said that she is a serial killer, but I haven't find the time to read something about her. Probably I'll do it later. 22,700,000 hits for this one and my name means "light".

Fifth search is just the name Joy. "Joy to the world!" I always sing that in my mind, I know it is weird. Haha. I'm weird so just face it. :D BTW, only relatives address me in that name. I got 735,000,000 results for this one and the meaning of this one is "happiness".

There you go. More results are displayed once that I deduct a word from my name. Try it. :)

Hope you'll have a great time reading this and wouldn't see this a dumb move. :P

Until next time people.

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