Random Thought: McDonald's Hooray for Today Advertisement


Hooray for mornings and things that make them good
Hooray for beaming smiles that make my day
Hooray for stops and gos
Hooray for colors and quick hellos
Hooray for surprises that walk my way
Hooray for friends I'll make, oh hey...hey!
Hooray for treats that make me smile,
Like magic stripes that fill the sky
Hooray for days that make me say,
Oh Hooray for today!

This song has been my waking song for 7 months and honestly I don't get tired of listening to it. Haha. I know it is kind of childish, but this is me, you can't do nothing about it. 

The song really uplifts me when my mood is in the bottom. You know why? "BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP THINKING THAT A GUY WHO CAN SEE THINGS LIKE THE PEGASUS AND THE LEGO CASTLE IN THE MORNING IS IN CRACK" ... haha. I know! I know! I'm shallow, and that's me. :)

Have a great day everyone. Until next time.


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