30 Days Ipod Challenge

Time to get out your iPod!

Date started: November 21, 2012

DAY 1: Post a picture of your iPod.

DAY 2: Let’s see a screenshot of your iTunes!

DAY 3: When did you get your iPod? Did you buy it or was it a gift?

It was a gift from my mom last 2011 for my birthday. :D

DAY 4: Is it your first iPod? What did your old one look like?

Yes it is my FIRST iPod. :D

DAY 5: Why did you pick this version and not a different one (iTouch, Nano, Shuffle, or an actual iPod if you’re an MP3 kind of person)?

I'm not that choosy when it comes to my music player. It is my mother's choice.

DAY 6: How many pairs of headphones have you gone through?

If since I got my iPod, then I already had 3 headphones. :) It is lesser than I expected.

DAY 7: What are your 25 most played songs?

My 25 most played songs are the following:

  1. More than a feeling by Hit the Lights
  2. Free Fallin' by The Almost
  3. Paint It Black by VersaEmerge
  4. Pour Some Sugar On Me by The Maine
  5. Take Me Home Tonight by Every Avenue
  6. Dream On by Bless The Fall
  7. Raise Your Glass by Pink
  8. Caught Up On You by We The Kings
  9. No, It Isn't by +44
  10. Over My Head by A Day To Remember
  11. Little Death by +44
  12. When Your Hearts Stops Beating +44
  13. Make You Smile by +44
  14. Baby, Come on by +44
  15. Ang Ating Araw by Dicta Licence
  16. Daloy Ng Kamalayan by Dicta Licence
  17. Demokracy by Dicta Licence
  18. Sugat by Dicta Licence
  19. Falling Earth by Dicta Licence
  20. Over The Edge by Dicta Licence
  21. Complex by Dicta Licence
  22. The Enemy by Dicta Licence
  23. DOTFB by Dicta Licence
  24. Alay Sa Mga Nagkamalay Noong Dekada Nobenta by Dicta Licence
  25. Bad Bad Day by Pink

DAY 8: Press shuffle, what song comes up?

Come Close by Saosin

DAY 9: Do you have any playlists that you made yourself?

Nope. I enjoy my music in shuffle mode. 

DAY 10: Which playlist do you usually listen to?

None in particular. But as of now, I love listening to the Punk goes... Albums.

DAY 11: How many songs are there on your iTunes?

I have 1,158 songs in my iTunes.

DAY 12: Have you ever had too many songs that they didn’t all fit on your iPod?

Yes, I had before. And it is so damn frustrating. Too many songs, so little memory.:p

DAY 13: List all of the videos/ movies on your iPod?

-Crazy Little thing called love
-Johnoy Danao Kahit Na
-Johnoy Danao Pagbigyan

DAY 14: List your songs alphabetically: Post the song that is first.

A.W.O.L. by Yellowcard under One for the Kids album.

DAY 15: List your artists alphabetically: Post a song from the last artist.

Make you Smile by +44

DAY 16: List your albums alphabetically: Which is the fourth from the top?

Sleep Now In The Fire by Rage Against the Machine

DAY 17: Press shuffle and click next seven times: what song comes up?

Anything by Plain White T's 

DAY 18: Which song have you been playing on repeat lately?

Paint it Black by VersaEmerge

DAY 19: How about a song that you illegally downloaded?

Uhm.... :D

DAY 20: Have you brought your iPod on a trip? Where is the farthest it has traveled with you?

Yes and the farthest is in Mabitac Laguna.

DAY 21: What is a song people are usually surprised to hear you have on your iPod?

Songs sung by Dream Theater

DAY 22: Which song is the least played?

Probably my OPM songs.

DAY 23: Which song was the most recently played?

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

DAY 24: Which game do you play on your iPod?

The Smurf and Temple Run

DAY 25: Have you ever fallen asleep with your headphones in? 

A lot esp. when I'm stressed out.

DAY 26: Find something the same color as your iPod and take an artsy looking picture.

Can't find anything. :/
DAY 27: Put your music player on shuffle again, what song is it this time?

Apologize by One Republic

DAY 28: What is a song with your name/your blog title in it?

Joy by Smashing Pumpkins

DAY 29: Find a song title that is the best/ funniest/ most accurate response to the following question: If you knew you had two days to live, what would you spend tomorrow doing?

Bark at the Moon by Strung Out

DAY 30: Take a picture of your iPod playing your favorite song and post it.

Not applicable at the moment. I can't seem to find my charger.:/

Ending date: December 21, 2012

Until next challenge guys. :)

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