A Visit to Divisoria

I miss Divisoria so last December 8, 2012 I tag along with my cousins who's going there.

While we're still in the trip what I imagine is a place literally full of people. But the quantity of people didn't overwhelmed me compared last year.

All I had in my pocket was Ph500.00 bill so let us where did it took me.

Our first stop is in the new 999 mall. It was cold in there and I can say they can keep it clean in-spite of the amount of people going in and out. I bought the following in this mall:

 Small Lighting Toys

 Swim wear

 Nail Polish

 Nail Polish Plate

After searching 999 mall (old and new) and 168 mall for things to buy we got tired and ate at Greenwich on the 5th floor of 168. I so missed their fried chicken, pizza and Carbonara. YUM!

After eating we went out in the street to see cheaper stuffs to buy. There were toys ranging Php20.00 to Php40.00 perfect gifts for children (but beware because DOH said they are not safe to our health due to high level of lead). 

There are shorts and t-shirts buy 1 take 1 that cost Php150.00. There are also blouses and other sorts of clothing. Doll shoes cost Php150.00 per pair and I bought a sneaker that cost Php50.00.

So here is the list of what I spent during that day:

Nail design plate= Php100.00 (2 pcs)
Nail Polish = Php100.00 (4 pcs)
Swimsuit = Php100.00 (pair)
Sneaker = Php50.00
Lighting Toys = Php20.00 (Php10.00 each)
Total: Php370.00

I saved Php130.00. Food and fare was taken care of by my cousins. :P

Divisoria is like a little haven for shoppers with a minimum budget.So just in case you want to buy clothes, shoes and other stuffs I really recommend that you go to Divisoria.

Until next time guys.



  1. Malayo talaga ang mararating ng pera sa Divisoria. And napaka-tempting ng 50-peso sneakers. :) I wonder where the 130 pesos went na?

    1. To my inaanaks. hahaha.

  2. Masarap talaga mamili sa Divisoria, ang Php1,000 marami ng mabibili kumpara sa malls, kung damit ang bibilhin baka isang piraso lang ang Php1,000. Ingat nga lang sa mga shop lifters.

    1. Kailangan lang mag-ingat and yung ninja instinct. Pero masya pa din.

  3. I haven't been to Divisoria for so long but it's an excellent place for buying supplies, clothes and others.

    1. Divisoria today is different from before. You should check the place sometimes. :)

  4. Gusto ko talaga pumunta sa Divisoria, sabi nila medu nakatakot daw.. hopefully sa susunod na pagpunta ko ng Manila makakapunta na ako ng Divisoria.

    1. Di na siya nakakatakot. They have malls para sa mga vendors. Basta iba na siya kesa nung nasa college pa ako.


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