Dooms Day: 12-12-12

Trailer of the movie

Have you seen the movie "2012"? It shows how the world would end by December 12, 2012. The movie is basically just about how we only living place in our galaxy will eventually die. There are a lot of unstable grounds and water that destroys. They based the story from the Mayan belief that this said date is the dooms day. Well this post is not about the movie.

For my opinion, the end of our world and of our society is inevitable. We'll never know when, where and what would happened in that particular day. All we have to do is face each waking day with pride and smile. We should't let problems, big or small, be a hindrance in our everyday life because we always have the will and the power to surpass them. 

It is not bad if you believed in the 2012 theory and at the same time it is not also bad that you don't. We have different beliefs and as a person walking on the same ground, we should respect each other with that. 

Am I making a sense or point here? 

A picture that I took at around 3pm outside our house. 
Oh, well. Until next time earthlings. :)

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