Our Way Trip Back Home

Last December 17, 2012 we went to Mabitac, Laguna to visit our 92 years old grandmother. She is old and can't even remember who am I. She referred to me as "Anak ni Elma na nurse". She's starting to have decubitus ulcer due to pressure in her right pelvic region. Shortening of muscles in her legs is already noticeable because of lack of walking and exercise. I can't believe that she's the woman who took care of us when we're still in our diapers. I forgot to take pictures of her though even if I have my camera with me.

Enough about that chit chat. On our way home, I took some pictures of the places that the van passed through. Our trip home starts from a terminal in Famy, Laguna. The picture taking of the places ended at Antipolo before my camera's battery went dead. So here's the scenery guys. Enjoy!

I think this is Jose Rizal... But I'm not sure


Locals travel mostly through tricycles or motorcycles

My companions: (L-R) Ate Tess, MyMom, Ate Jane, Mhie, Dhie

A unappetizing burger! YUCK!

See the people on top of the jeepney. The locals said that those are Mangyans. They prefer to sit on top of the vehicle instead inside of it. Even the toddlers are sitting with them meeting the intensifying heat of the sun. Them come down from the mountain to get alms. :/

The store where I bought the burger






7-Eleven... I love their hotdogs. Don't you?

78 Km away from Rizal Park in Manila

Breath taking? or not?

Isn't this view nice?

Sky meeting the mountain

I would like to experience planting in this kind of area someday



More heat Mr. Sun

The swerving road

Mabitac Laguna afar 

I love trees and the blue sky

Kinda blurred

A long instant clothes hanger

My favorite skull ring and Tatay's old watch


Trees are just still everywhere in this part of the mountain

A plantation of a particular plant I think. :)

Fast van, picking up the speed

And the van is getting faster


I remember the movie "I know What You Did Last Summer" in this picture

The Laguna Lake (I wasn't able to take the full view due to fast driving)

Electric post seems to be taller than the trees

Scourging sun

Eroding side of a mountain

Tricycle seems to be everywhere in a provincial areas like Rizal and Laguna

Isn't the sun gorgeous?

The Municipal Hall of Pililla Rizal

Last picture: A tricycle in Antipolo City

Sorry if there's a lot of pictures. I hope that you enjoy looking at them though.

Until next trip people.


  1. I also love taking shots while I'm travelling and it's so hard to take good shots while inside a fast moving vehicle. You can try checking your camera settings, some cameras have features for taking moving objects or while inside moving vehicle. You've got great shots, just take extra attention to the horizon next time, your landscape shots would be better if you keep the horizon straight. I, too, struggle in that aspect.

    1. Thank you for the tips. I would surely put those in mind next time.

  2. It must have been refreshing to visit your hometown with the air much fresher and the warm greetings from people and of course your grandmother.

  3. While scrolling down the photos, I thought I would see your 92 yo grandma. I guess she is very luck to reach that age huh. My lola was around 85 when she passed away. Oh I missed her na! :/

    1. Yeah I supposed I should have included her photo here but unfortunately I forgot to take it. :P

      She is lucky but I think she's luckier now that she's with our Heavenly Father. :)

  4. Nice photos you have dear. And yes, I think that's Jose Rizal :D


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