Probably, This Is The Peak

Another argument. Another mistake. Another war of words. And it all points to one person. What he heard and what he felt just sums up to one emotion, hurt.

He wants to burst but then he can't. He should be strong even just for himself.

He's alone and will ever be.

He'll be the only one who can understand himself.

Life? As for now, for him, it doesn't have a direction, it doesn't stand in a solid ground. It doesn't even exist on his current world. When will it be there? He doesn't know.

Anguish and hatred is slowly creeping inside him. Consuming the whole of him.

He's tired of being good just for the sake of other. He's tired of thinking what would other feel with what he says or do. He's thinking that it should be him now. But can he do it? He doesn't know.

Emotion is swirling inside him. He doesn't know what to feel. He's starting to get to the peak of all the things that's going on. He's starting to be numb. And probably that would be the great choice.

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