Pamela and Vinch: My Sisters from Different Mothers

I dedicate this post to my solid friends who was there for me through my college days and I consider them as my sisters not in blood but in soul (Am I making any sense? ^_^).

Pamela and Vinch, we met when we are in college. First is in St.Paul University Quezon City, wherein we are evicted. Then our friendship continues to La Consolacion College Manila and as of now, we haven't seen and felt it's ending.

Both them has been a heaven's gift to me. They taught me how to be more... fun. There are no single dull moment when I'm with them. They've been with me through the pageant up until to my Dad's departure. It just shows that they would be with me through happiness and hard times of my life.

I just hope that the strings that we have will never be cut. I just so love them. And if God permits, we'll be like this until... whenever. :)

Until next time guys. :)

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