Villa Basila Resort

Location: Brgy. Guinayang , 1850 San Mateo, Rizal
Contact Number: 570-0506
Price Range: Php700.00 - Php4,000.00

Because of the summer heat and we want to treat two of my cousins who is staying for a week, we decided to have a night swimming in Villa Basilia. It is a small pool resort located at Guinayang San Mateo Rizal. It is somehow located near the highway so you just need to ask people about the exact location of the place. There is no corkage for food and alcoholic drinks. They are not strict with the swimming attire so you can just anything that you want. 

This is my second time here so I’ll state the pros and cons that I can see in this place so you have a reference if you want to visit the place.

Let me start with the pros. First, the people here or the attendees are very accommodating. Once they see you they’ll definitely flash their award winning smile and guide you to your cottage.

Second thing is, I like their nipa hut cottages, which in my opinion are brought to the next level. Just look at the photos below. They also have big tents that can accommodate big number of visitors.

If you’re planning to have a kebab or barbecues then you don’t have to worry, all you need to bring is your match or lighter and charcoal. You can use their grilling station for free. After eating they have a sink just for washing your plates and utensils.

If you got bored in swimming you can rent a karaoke and give all your heart out in singing your favorite song.

Or if you’re a sports buff then you can go straight ahead in their basketball court. There is also a swing for the children to play in.

I also like the dolphin fountain, which is attached in the bridge that separates the two pools.

Poll for the kids
And last but not the least, I also like the nature vibes that the place is giving, due to the trees and different kind of plant species.

So for the cons, let me start with the animals that they let roam inside the resort, such as cats and dogs. I understand that the dogs are there for the safety purposes but can’t they just cage them once there are customers around? They might bite or some people are just terrified with dogs. In my opinion, safety of the people who visits is the number priority in any establishments.

Second thing is, yes the place does have the greeneries and it does help with the appearance of the place. But once in a while I can see trash in one corner or another. Sometimes the pool’s water is brownish and stuffs likes leaves, dead insects float. The washroom/shower room share the same story. I got chills when I first went inside.

Third concern is the insects such as flies in the morning and the mosquitoes in night time. Yes, I know sometimes these creatures just don’t disappear even you spray a tremendous amount of insecticides. But it won’t hurt if the resort provides nets to protect those who visit the place.

Next is in terms of their reservations, it is not clear. The last time that we went there, we asked if the resort is not rented privately so we can stay there up until morning. 12 m.n. strikes and the people who arrived in the resort before us approached the care taker and stated that they rented the whole place just for their group and we shouldn’t be there in the first place. So instead of making a big commotion about it we just told the care taker that we’ll just leave. Thank goodness we’re not yet paid. hehe.

The last thing that I’m concerned about is the entrance road to the resort is not cemented. It is rough road which will make the ride a lil’ bumpy.

My rating for this place is 2 out of 5 points (1 is the least and 5 is the highest). I wouldn't let myself go in here again unless they’ll fix their management and the place itself.

Cousins, nephew and nieces enjoying their dip

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  1. jennika gucman7/6/14 2:51 PM

    HI sis ask ko lang magkano rerent for private use kung overnyt?


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