Me On Cory Monteith's Death

I just woke up and this is the first thing that I saw on my news feed on Facebook "CORY MONTEITH DEAD AT THE AGE OF 31.At first I thought the news was just a fraud. But after a while, more of my friends posted the same thing so I Google it up. After reading the news I just can't help myself but stare and be shocked at the same time. I just can't believed it. 

After a second or two my eyes started to well up and I cry. I just can't help myself. If this is how the news impacted me then I can't imagine how Lea is handling this. To think that they are supposed o be married in two weeks time. My heart just broke to tiny pieces for the second time.

I'm one of those million mourning fans of Cory Monteith. His death is a great lost for Glee and the TV series wouldn't be the same without him. Lea Michele would be a different woman after this tragedy.

For all its worth, I hope people will just pay respect and love for this lost.

To read the news about his death you can visit: CNN.com.

I every death we always realize that time is really short so appreciate those people who loves you. Make the most of your life doing things that you love an really want to do.

Let me end this post with my favorite song of Cory (Finn) that he sang in Glee

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