Calatagan, Batangas: Saturday Getaway

It was a Saturday of June 2011, when me and bunch of my former officemates is scheduled for a long day in Calatagan, Batangas. More specifically in the peninsula.

Calatagan peninsula is between South China Sea and Balayan Bay. Famous for the white beaches where tourists goes to relax and have fun.

Our meeting place is at KFC Cubao, in front of Araneta Coliseum, at 6:00 A.M. 

Kring-in brown shirt, Me-purple shirt, Recarla- striped shirt, Ty the guy in the brown shirt
At exactly 6:30 A.M. we started our drive. 

Batangas here we come.
We stopped over along NLEX to have our breakfast, to keep us energized for the 2-3 hours drive.

Breakfast at McDonalds
We just made a pot luck for the food and our petrol. We are lucky to have Recarla, who have a house there, no problem for the accommodation and even for the beach, it is free of charge.

Before we head to the beach, we went first to the house to put our things, changes to our swimming attire and get our food. 

On the entrance of the beach, there are 2 man dressed in camouflage and with guns. Recarla said they are the guard of the beach and only people from their barangay are allowed to go there.
"Tito, Recarla's dad, said that the beach is owned by the Lopez, ABS-CBN, and will be developed soon"
Inside the vicinity, I was awed by the beauty of the place. It is screaming nature. The sand is white and the water is so clear. Added that the sun showed up, a perfect way to get a tan. 

Our ride

Before enjoying the feel of the water under the blazing sun, we prepared our food and ate. 

And just to past the time, Recarla and I played with Andrei's daughter. We are the only people that day.

Me and 2 of my girl friend went for a dip. As I have said, the water is clear and so refreshing to the skin. We weren't able to go farther because of the sea grass and also there are jelly fish in the area. 

Some of the guys and girls started drinking. They drank a lot of Red Horse beer. When they felt a bit tipsy, they also went for a swim nearby the rocky portion of the beach.

We found this jellyfishes while in the beach. There are also sea shells and smalls fishes. 

After a while, we got tired and started to take photos of the place. There's a lot to shoot and we can't decide where to start. There are mangroves and different types of trees/plants. You can see rock formations that stretched on some part of the beach. When you look far out the sea, there are shipping vessels and fishermen. 


Probably because of excitement,Norman accidentally stepped on a sea urchin and pricked his foot. Poor urchin, I mean, poor Normie. We used vinegar to clean his foot. The local said that the stings will dissolved in a week or two, so no need to worry for infection or anything.

We waited for the sunset before going back to the house. Sunset is really romantic when you're in the beach and listening to those small waves that hits the bay. 

We ate dinner and rest. We ended the day by drinking more and playing 1-2-3 pass. It just the 5 of us who stayed and talked up util 1 in the morning. 

A one whole exciting Saturday.

Have you gone to Calatagan? If yes, can you share us some of the photos you've taken? 

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