Farewell Whitey

It was October of 2009 when you came into my life. I even asked Tatay for a millionth if I can have you, and probably because of my kakulitan he said yes.

I fell in love with you for the first time that I saw you in a box with your brother, but you got my attention because you keep on wiggling your tail to me.

I was happy that I was able to keep you.

The first couple of nights, you keep on crying so what Nanay did was put you in the laundry basket, while inuugoy ka. Then after a while, you'll fall asleep.

In the morning, you're always the one who wakes me up. You always want to play with me. By that time, I know that you've accepted me and will love me in a month or more.

You're name is supposedly Lucky, but you wagged and barked playfully when Nanay and Tatay called you Whitey, even if you're black. 

You had you're own stuff toy to sleep with so that you wouldn't cry when you sleep. I was like you're mommy, i think, and you're my baby boy.

And sometimes, I even let you sleep with me.

A couple of months more, Nanay decided to let you sleep outside because you keep on peeing on almost all of the furniture. She's pissed but I still finds you adorable, with that little puppy eyes and scrunching nose.

You learned how to sit, play and fetch the ball after 5 months. All of the neighbor thought that we have a human child that we play with. They are all surprised to found out that we are playing with you.

When you received your first injection, I was worried to death because you had a fever. Every so often I'll check on you and you'll cuddle in my lap.

Then one day, accidentally, you pierced your outh with your barbecue stick and you keep on bleeding. We are all worried about you so Tatay slept beside you... and lo and behold the next day you're ready for action.

Walking you is one of the event of the day that I always look forward to. You make the whole street noisy because almost all of the dogs barks at you, I don't know what they meant but it is hilarious.

When I got out of work, you're always there to cheer me up.

Then by January 2011, when Tatay passed away, you seems share the same emotion that we have. I felt so broken but you where there. You keep on coming to me, cuddling with me, whenever it is possible. You're one special living creature that my father and me shares and had a lot of memories with. 

Then a lot of things happened. 

Yesterday, you fell and became unconscious. When you woke up, you couldn't stand anymore. Then you vomited three times. You pooped and urinated involuntarily. Then your body started to shake, you're having a seizure. I felt helpless and I don't know what to do. I just kept on praying that you'll be alright. We decided to bring you to the vet. 

On our way, you keep on glancing to me even if you can't because I'm cuddling you. You stopped shaking, which a relief for me. When we arrive in the clinic, they put an IV line so that you won't be dehydrated. Diagnosis is not yet possible because the blood lab is already closed. The vet told us that they would do everything that they can and we can comeback the next day to check on you, which is a very wrong thing to do. So we left.

I called the clinic at around 7pm, the same day, I was able to talked to your vet and he told me that you can now move your head but still can't stand. 

By 9pm I tried to talked with the vet again but they weren't answering the phone anymore probably it is late and they silenced their phone. 

Just this morning, I received a phone call from your vet. You didn't make it. He said that you started to seizure at around 11PM then died by 2AM. Brokenhearted is an understatement. Tears just started to pour out of my eyes. "Whitey is dead", that's all I can hear from that point on.

We went to the clinic to fetch your body. You're already in a box. I can't stop my hand on holding the box that you're in. 

This is just unexpected. Last Wednesday, I was just boasting you and Bridgette through this blog. Then now, you're gone. People may find it ridiculous why I'm so affected like this. Probably because you where there when all the shits in my life happened. You're the most loyalties thing that I have. And as I have mentioned you're one of the memory that I have with Tatay. 

I want to apologize if I have been a bad friend, sister, master and your woman. Sorry if I left you in the clinic. Sorry if I wasn't able to play with you when you want to.

May your soul rest in peace in Doggie heaven. Ate will surely miss you always. 

Thank you baby boy.


  1. I know how it feels sis. This post made me cry. I lost my dog too last January but the pain still haunts me. Maybe your dog and mine are now playing together in doggie heaven. You can read my posts about my dog here:




    1. Yep. They should be there because all they do is make us happy. i'll visit your links. Thank you for sharing dear.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. I had the same experience about five years ago, but I still can't get over it. Dogs are amazing best friends and in the future I hope you're lucky enough to find another one. I know the thought of replacing Whitey seems impossible, but I'd like to think that love lives on. Maybe if you have some spare time you would want to check out CARA because they do amazing work for dogs and cats. They even have dog shelters where you can visit and share the doggy love :)


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