How To Openline: Samsung Corby GT-S3653

My Samsung Corby GT-S3653 is locked with the Suncellular network. Recently, me and BF switched to TM (Touch Mobile) and this is the extra phone that I can use. So I used the power of Google and searched if I can unlock the network without paying or going to cellphone technician. Lo and behold, I can.

First things first, make sure you have your phone with you and follow these steps.

1.) Insert a Sim card of the network that you want to use (Globe, TM, TnT or Smart)

2.) Check your phone’s lock status using this code *#7465625#
                You will see this.

3.) Click the rectangular box on the lower portion to return to home screen.

4.) Press the keypad button. 

5.) Type this code to change the lock Status #7465625*638*00000000# [8 zeros in the end]

5.) Then a notification will pop-up saying “ Network Lock disabled

6.) Then go to keypad and type again *#7465625#. You’ll noticed that the network lock is [OFF]

Relock Network, just use this code:  #7465625*638*00000000*00000000#

Credits to:
clark2324 of Symbianize


  1. Thanks ...its working fine...

  2. hi how about corby 2?? plz help me, thankd!

    1. I'll try to find and figure out how to do it with corby 2. Then will let you know soon. Thanks.

  3. network lock also disable but now also network is not coming


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