Leslie's Restaurant: Tagaytay

On our way home from Calatagan Batangas, our breakfast didn't tamed our grumbling stomach. So after a hundred exchange of text messages, we headed to Leslie's Restaurant in Tagaytay.

We had some difficulty in finding a parking space, because its a Sunday and almost lunch time. Not only that, a lot of people are eating also in the restaurant giving us couple of minutes waiting for an available tables and chairs.

This is my first time in this restaurant, so I'm excited! The view of Taal Volcano in the restaurant is just spectacular. You can see how big is the lake and the different land formation that surrounds the volcano. You can also see the fish ponds from up here. 

Did you know that Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano here in our country? 

Inside the restaurant, the mood is so relaxing and have a very Filipino ambiance. It is also spacious, that's why it is possible for them to accommodate a lot of customers. Their chairs are made of solid wood and comfy to sit in. 

After a while, we ordered...

While waiting for our order, we chat, laugh and take some photos.

We ordered 3 sets of a group meal consisting of Sisig, canned softdrinks of our choice, Chicken, Ginataang Laing, Leche Flan, sinaing na isda and their ever famous Bulalo.

The Ginataang Laing is different from the one that my Mom cooks. It still have this bitter taste, but it is still delicious. 

For the canned drinks, we ordered Sprite, Coke and Royal

I can't say anything about the Sisig, because whatever that I will say will be biased. I'm a Sisig lover.

The chicken is so soft and it jus melts inside your mouth. No drastic chewing needed.

And the Bulalo completes our meal. Just sipping the bone marrow of the bone is just so heaven. 

In between our meals, we are serenaded by the  Leslie's Restaurant's band. They are wearing the sinaunang clothes of Filipinos and Filipinas. The voice of the vocalist just made our appetite bigger. 

After eating, we just sat for a while and waited for the bill.

When the bill arrived...

We are broke. Haha. Just imagine our faces when we checked the total amount.

Butas ang aming bulsa but it was quite okay. The important thing was we had a lot of fun spending time together.

All in all, I would recommend the restaurant to be visited when you're in Tagaytay. The food, ambiance, place and the staff were all great.

We headed the road again and Manila welcomed us with the so bright sunlight.

Credits to my friends Angel, Andrei and Isabel for some of the photos.

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay
Silang, Aguinaldo Highway Crossing Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 413-1065

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