My Hair And Me In The Last 5 Years

I just love my hair. When I was in high school to college, all I want to have is a long, black and silk hair. 

Being a Nursing student, it is required to put our hair in a bun, that's why I didn't try to cut mine shorter. It is hard to fix your hair when it is short because you have to pin everything so that it will not touch your nape. Unlike for the long hair you just have to tie it up, put in a pony, twirl it and then put it in a doughnut bun.

College Days

On my 3rd year college, I was forced to join the search for Mr and Ms Nursing. I was asked to cut my bangs and I don't know the reason behind it, so don't ask me.
Me and my bangs.
After graduation and the board examination, I got bored with my hair so I asked my stylist to perm it, for the sake of having new.

the curly me
After a year, my hair starts to tangle and dry so I went to the salon to have my curly hair cut but the stylist said shorter hair won't suit me so he'll just cut the ends of my hair. So I obliged.
do I look happy with the cut? hehe.
October of 2010, I decided to cut my hair short. :) I wasn't heartbroken or anything. It just seem that long hair takes more time to clean, to dry and to maintain. Not like with this short hair, Can you believe that I only use my fingers in combing it? 
Feeling Meh!
 Every time my hair touch my nape, that's 1-2 months) I would ask my stylist to cut it shorter. So for 2 years my hair is very short.
I look handsome in here. Don't I?
 The only change that's happening with my hair is the color.

See me in my blonde hair. :)

Right now, I'm letting my hair grow longer because I'm kinda chubby for the past couple of months. Short hair doesn't suit me at this moment. 

Hair Tips:
* It is nice to use big toothed comb when combing your hair. Always start from the tip so you can detangle it.
* Don't use hairbrush when your hair is wet. 
* It is nice to deep condition your hair every forth night.
* To add some protection and strength to your hair you can apply raw egg in your hair, also every fortnight. It can add protein your hair.
* Don't use any products immediately just because it is in fashion. Go with the one that suits and match your hair needs.
* When you're planning to dye your hair, hot oil it 3 days before or after. This will help your hair to look shinier and smooth.

Well, that's all for now. Hope this helps.

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