Pan De Amerikana

Have you ever heard of Pan De Amerikana? Not yet? But why not?

I have this friend and as I was stalking her, I saw an album that caught my attention. When I clicked it, there were numerous photos of her in an jumbo size chess board. I was intrigued so I hurriedly texted her, asking where and what place is in the photo. She said it is Pan De Amerikana. 

So after a couple of months, I was able to visit the place with my 2 college buddies. This was last 2011.
The company started by just by selling pandesal in the year 1950's. And from that piece of bread they became the prestigious restaurant now.

The place, the main branch, is located at Concepcion, Marikina city. From the outside of the restaurant, it gives you a Netherland setting due to the wind mill. The place is almost covered of green plants with hanging vines in the right side.

pic name
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You'll be welcomed by the staffs here as you enter the establishment. About the interior? Well, you can say Wow! Wow, not because it is sophisticated design. Wow, because it is unique and interesting.

The ceiling have hanging roots or vines with different types of lanterns.

pic name
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The inside of the restaurant is big, there are different types of tables and chairs that you can choose to use.

Most of the table in the right side of the restaurant has a chess board painted on it,thus can also be use for playing chess not just for eating.

In the farthest right of the place you'll see a glass wall wherein you can see different types of plants in the other side. 

Sorry it is blurred. But can you see the glass wall? 
There is a bridge that has a Koi pond underneath.

Koi pond of Pan De Amerikana - Marikina Branch
On the left side they have hard, long solid wood as their tables and chairs.

There is also a stair, in the upper left side, that will be you to the hanging bridge which freaked me out in crossing. I'm just afraid to fall. 
My friend in the hanging bridge.
The highlight of Pan De Amerikana is their jumbo size chess board, with the jumbo size chess piece.

pic namepic namepic name

They also have little and big displays that will attract your attention.

Popeye the Sailor man. in Marikina?
Wash Basin
See their waiting number out of an abaniko (fan)?
Look at this shoe. 

A boat.
Most  of their patrons are senior citizens, because probably of the ambiance of the place.

Let's talk about the food...

Their menu is consists of combined American, Asian and Italian styles but most of the food are Filipino.

We ordered Pumpkin soup for appetizer. Which we really enjoyed.

Carbonara, Sisig Rice and Sisig Bangus for the main entree. My camera malfunctioned and I wasn't able to take a photo of the Sisig dishes.

The sauce of the carbonara is bland and the texture is watery. So we didn't enjoyed it at all. I  can say that their Sisig rice and Sisig Bangus is to die for.

We ordered Ginataang Saging with sago for desert.

The desert with my haggard friends.
Aside from these dishes, they do offer more and they serve from breakfast up until to dinner. 

All in all, we enjoyed hanging out in this place with the bonus of buying their famous 1950's pandesal, which only cost Php6.00.

You can visit them at:
Main office: 92 Ordonez St. Concepcion dos Marikina, City

Katipunan Avenue Quezon City 

Wilson St. Greenhills  San Juan

Makati Ave. Cor. Constellation St.

Until next time guys.

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