Paolo Ballesteros: Many Faces

Paolo Ballesteros is a Filipino actor, TV host and model.

Paolo Ballesteros Eat Bulaga page
He's been my ultimate crush when he started dressing up like a girl and impersonating famous actresses and/or singers. I just have this spot for a guy who is handsome and can be beautiful at the same time. 

The most talked about impersonation that he did was during the Super Sireyna competition. Every week he'll show up in the judge's table as different person. 

He said, she said with Paolo Ballesteros

Look at the photos below so you'll understand what I'm saying.

Angelina Jolie
Anne Hathaway
Kelly Clarkson
Nicole Kidman
Marilyn Munggo
Tyra Banks
Maruya Keri
Tyra Banks
Jeepney Spears
Audrey Hepburn
And the photo might go and on and on. 

Isn't he/she gorgeous or what? He stated that he's the one who's doing his own make-up that he learned from Youtube tutorials.

All pictures are credited to Polo's instagram account.

So what's your verdict? Let me know and comment down.

This is all for now.

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