Selfie Time!

Urban dictionary define SELFIE as:
"A strange phenomenon in which the photographer is also the subject of the photograph, in a subversive twist on the traditional understanding of the photograph. Usually conducted because the subject cannot locate a suitable photographer to take the photo, like a friend."

I'm not very confident in taking photos of myself. I don't even have a lot of photos of just me. Anyways, just because I don't have things to do, I was able to locate a website that gives my webcam fun effects and filters. The website is Webcam Toy. So here are the photos that I've taken with the description or what kind of effect on the bottom of it.

WARNING: Photo bombarded post!

Effect/Filter: Normal or None
Effect/Filter: Upside Down
Effect/Filter: Fragment
Effect/Filter: Kaleidoscope
Effect/Filter: Quad Cam
Effect/Filter: Tunnel
Effect/Filter: Comic Strip
Effect/Filter: Left Mirror
Effect/Filter: Right Mirror
Effect/Filter: Top Mirror
Effect/Filter: Bottom Mirror
Effect/Filter: Quad Mirror
Effect/Filter: Switch
Effect/Filter: Split Screen
Effect/Filter: Filmstrip
Effect/Filter: Ghost
Effect/Filter: Color Ghost
Effect/Filter: Trail
Effect/Filter: Shuffle
Effect/Filter: Spiral
Effect/Filter: Twist
Effect/Filter: Dent
Effect/Filter: Pinch
Effect/Filter: Bulge
Effect/Filter: Fisheye
Effect/Filter: Wedge
Effect/Filter: Ripple
Effect/Filter: Stretch
Effect/Filter: Soft Focus
Effect/Filter: Hazy Days
Effect/Filter: Vintage
Effect/Filter: Rose
Effect/Filter: Retro
Effect/Filter: Cocoa
Effect/Filter: X-Pro
Effect/Filter: Envy
Effect/Filter: Zinc
Effect/Filter: Citrus
Effect/Filter: Berry
Effect/Filter: Mint
Effect/Filter: Smoke
Effect/Filter: Halo
Effect/Filter: Bloom
Effect/Filter: Glaze
Effect/Filter: Watercolor
Effect/Filter: Silk
Effect/Filter: Old Movie
Effect/Filter: Cocktail
Effect/Filter: Spy Cam
Effect/Filter: Hot Pink
Effect/Filter: Bokeh
Effect/Filter: Flare
Effect/Filter: Danger
Effect/Filter: Rainbow
Effect/Filter: True Blue
Effect/Filter: Mono
Effect/Filter: Lomo
Effect/Filter: Comic Book
Effect/Filter: Mono Quad
Effect/Filter: Lomo Quad
Effect/Filter: Magazine
Effect/Filter: Black and White
Effect/Filter: Cartoon
Effect/Filter: Outline
Effect/Filter: Sketch
Effect/Filter: Crosshatch
Effect/Filter: Underwater
Effect/Filter: Fire
Effect/Filter: Snow
Effect/Filter: Disco
Effect/Filter: Sparkle
Effect/Filter: Glitch
Effect/Filter: Pop Booth
Effect/Filter: Pop Art
Effect/Filter: Neon
Effect/Filter: Spectrum
Effect/Filter: Thermal
Effect/Filter: Night Vision
Effect/Filter: Alien 
Effect/Filter: Xray

Tired of my face? Haha. My favorite are Comic Strip and Left Mirror. I just love making faces. They say it helps the muscles in your face. 

So what's your favorite photo of me from this post? 


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