Worth Keeping

In all of our lifetime, we are given the chance of meeting people. People who'll be a part of our lives. Some will just pass by but there are those who will leave more than a foot print in our life. And I'm so proud to say that I'm lucky that I'm able to keep them close.

When I was girl, I thought that it's important to have a lot of friends. As I grow wiser, I realized that I just need a few that will be there through all of my hardship and definitely all of my happiness. 

Kylie from IBM
College BFFs: Vinchie and Pamela
Highschool forever buddies: Jeronina, Jhennylyn, Mary, Philip, Jhackhieleen, Arriane, April and Kenneth 
From BF's Circle: Jasper, Jessica, Dante, JR, Marist, Jason and Jerry Boy
My forever and ever bestfriend: Carlo
One of my sister from another parents: Marico
With these people, I just can be that someone who I want to be. No need to pretend because they never judge. They're making this ride of my life worthwhile.

How about you? Do you have friends just like them? Share your story by commenting below. 


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