Happy 2014!

Been quiet for a while. :) I miss blogging and writing and thinking stuffs to put up on my site. My October to December months has been the busiest of my 2013 due to my new work that needs my 12-13 hours of time. The only thing that is updated in this blog is the Lotto Results, but for this year I'm making a point that I'll be posting every 3rd day of the week or more. 

Will be trying and learning stuffs this year and hopefully I'I'll be able to meet new people that will make my life worth living for.

May this year be fruitful and meaningful to everyone. :)

Bangon Pilipinas!  



Just A Thought: November 3, 2013

There are people who you can trust your whole life, even if you're able to meet them in just a short span of time. And there are those people who are the opposite, where you've already have them all of your life but they'll be stabbing you behind your back. 

There are also people who  have a lot to thing to say about people not knowing that they are being hypocrite because they are doing the same thing that the person they hate is doing (Am I making sense in this one?). 

There are also these people who wants to be followed but don't know how to give a clear instruction and in the end, they'll just point a finger on you when everything ends up in the trash.

Anyways, these are some of my observations about people, about us. 

Hope everyone is doing good.

Worth Keeping

In all of our lifetime, we are given the chance of meeting people. People who'll be a part of our lives. Some will just pass by but there are those who will leave more than a foot print in our life. And I'm so proud to say that I'm lucky that I'm able to keep them close.

When I was girl, I thought that it's important to have a lot of friends. As I grow wiser, I realized that I just need a few that will be there through all of my hardship and definitely all of my happiness. 

Kylie from IBM
College BFFs: Vinchie and Pamela
Highschool forever buddies: Jeronina, Jhennylyn, Mary, Philip, Jhackhieleen, Arriane, April and Kenneth 
From BF's Circle: Jasper, Jessica, Dante, JR, Marist, Jason and Jerry Boy
My forever and ever bestfriend: Carlo
One of my sister from another parents: Marico
With these people, I just can be that someone who I want to be. No need to pretend because they never judge. They're making this ride of my life worthwhile.

How about you? Do you have friends just like them? Share your story by commenting below.