Worth Keeping

In all of our lifetime, we are given the chance of meeting people. People who'll be a part of our lives. Some will just pass by but there are those who will leave more than a foot print in our life. And I'm so proud to say that I'm lucky that I'm able to keep them close.

When I was girl, I thought that it's important to have a lot of friends. As I grow wiser, I realized that I just need a few that will be there through all of my hardship and definitely all of my happiness. 

Kylie from IBM
College BFFs: Vinchie and Pamela
Highschool forever buddies: Jeronina, Jhennylyn, Mary, Philip, Jhackhieleen, Arriane, April and Kenneth 
From BF's Circle: Jasper, Jessica, Dante, JR, Marist, Jason and Jerry Boy
My forever and ever bestfriend: Carlo
One of my sister from another parents: Marico
With these people, I just can be that someone who I want to be. No need to pretend because they never judge. They're making this ride of my life worthwhile.

How about you? Do you have friends just like them? Share your story by commenting below. 



Feast Day of Sto.Niño ala San Beda College

The Feast of Sto.Niño is celebrated every January.  It starts on the Thursday after the Epiphany.

There are two version of the story why and when this feast started. 

The first story is, in 1565, a Spanish marine found the Sto.Niño relic, with the right hand slightly raised, inside a burnt house. The relic is not damaged even the neck chain, the clothe, the golden sphere; there is no sign of being damaged by the fire.

The second version was a fisherman caught the statue and rid of it after, only to find it again with a bountiful harvest.

Which story do you believe in?

From then on, the relic was taken out for procession. The creation of Confraternity of the Sto.Niño de Cebu was ordered. Then a fiesta was celebrated as a remembrance of the finding of the relic, and as we can all witness it is still celebrated up until now.

The celebration of this feast in Cebu is a grand one. People will flock all over the street just to witness or join with the procession. Many devotees would wait in the Basilica just have a glimpse of the Sto.Niño. Many Filipino and even tourist would go to Cebu just to see and experience this fiesta themselves.

Here in Manila, Catholic schools also celebrated this feast. One of the celebration that I was able to attend to was in San Beda College in 2009. I think this is also the week of their foundation day (please correct me if I'm wrong). I was invited by my cousin

Let me describe and tell you the things that you can do in this celebration through these photos:

I was accompanied by my friend Jay-Jay to go to San Beda and we waited for my monk cousin to meet us in the lobby of their dorm.

Jay-jay and Me
I think this is St.Thomas Aquinas, this is the relic that you can see in the lobby.
The following will be the things that you can see in the feast. First is the car show. Where a lot of college students from the school or from other university bring their cars and showcase how beautiful they. I would like to apologize but I can't name any of these cars because I don't really like cars. 

Next things was the butterfly house, or net per se. They have different species of butterflies in the house/net. A lot of children enjoyed going there.

On their late stage to be a full grown butterflies

The owner of the butterfly house/net still keeps dead butterfly. They use collect and then frame them.
There is also an exhibit of Sto.Niño from Manila and neighboring provinces. My cousin was the one who led the arrangement of these relics.

There were also arcade games and other fun activities. Different food stall is standing all over the campus so you'll not get hungry, I'm sure.

Before we left, Jay-Jay was able to have a haul of food goodies.

And mint chocolate chip ice-cream for me. :)

Have you experienced the Sto.Niño festivity? If yes, how did it go?