To My First Love And Knight In Shining Armor

To my Pop Emmanuel Bobadilla...

I consider myself as one of the person lucky enough to be blessed with a father like you. Without your X-Chromosome I might be born as a guy and I wouldn't have experienced being a daddy's little girl. 

You've been always there to give me love and care. Whenever Nanay scolds me, you always back me up. You're the only person who understands me, with my gestures and words. You always let me get your favorite part of the milk fish even if you like that part also. You would wake me up with the hot Milo ready to be drink. You would heat up water so I don't get cold every-time that I would take a shower in the morning. You would always tell your corny jokes so you can make me laugh. These things and a-lot more that I should be thankful for. :)

Happy Father's Day Pop. I know, you can hear me up there in heaven. Iloveyou po and I miss you.



  1. chester tolentino1/7/12 12:47 PM

    Hi! you look familiar, naging classmate ba kita sa NSDAPS?

    oh BTW.. may blog din ako http://wanderertey.blogspot.com/

  2. Aileen Joy B. Bobadilla1/7/12 2:11 PM

    I think so, you're name sounds familiar. :) 4th year highschool... right? I'll follow your blog and please do the same? :)) Thanks.


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